Water and Your Skin | Nature Health PLUS

Water is life. Seriously. It covers 71% of our Earth’s surface. Without water our planet would die. So would we. Our bodies are made up of 70% water. Our bodies need water to survive. It keeps our internal bodies cool so that our organs can operate properly. Water also flushes out all the toxins in our bodies and one of the ways this happens is through our sweat. When our bodies release these toxins through our pores, it releases them from festering within and clogging our pores. When we sweat, it opens our pores and allows for them to breathe and release the bacteria and oils that clog our pores regularly.

This is why it is so important to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Do not add flavoring, sugar, or syrup to your water.  Just water – straight. To add some additional flavor naturally, fill the bottom of  a pitcher with your favorite berries or sliced fruit. Pour cold water over the fruit and fill the pitcher fully with water. Keep stored in the refrigerator and enjoy at your leisure. So delicious! Make it a point to replace sugary drinks and sodas with water. For every sugary beverage you drink, you are wasting the opportunity to fill your body with needed water to cleanse you from the inside out. Sugary drinks also contribute to acne so make the change today.

Water assists with better blood circulation, digestion, elimination and ridding the body of toxins and other waste, and also helps with the absorbing of essential nutrients in the body. With proper blood flow, your pores will open up allowing pores to be free of oils and bacteria. When you are thirsty, that is your body’s way of telling you it’s dehydrated. Don’t wait to drink water when you are thirsty. If you allow your body the required amounts of water daily, your body will be hydrated properly and so will your skin. Your skin will become clearer, you will look more refreshed, you will sleep better, your skin will appear more hydrated, and you’ll have a beautiful glow to your skin as well!

So many amazing benefits to adding more water to your daily diet! What are you waiting for? Start drinking more water daily and to make it easier, carry water with you everywhere you go. Happy hydrating!